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November 3rd Plenary Session in Milwaukee

The title of the session is THE FUTURE OF CATHOLIC MINISTRY.

I am looking forward to hearing what Garry Wills and former priest Roy Bourgeois have to say when I sit in on their Plenary session in Milwaukee on November 3rd.  Roy Bourgeois was expelled from the Catholic Church for his support of women's ordination.  Garry Wills is a prolific writer and has authored several books including, WHY PRIESTS?


Diana Hayes, an African American is also scheduled to be on the panel.  I asked about her and was told that she is highly respected by African American clerics.  She is a professor of Systematic Theology at Georgetown University and is the first African American woman to earn a Pontifical Doctorate in Theology. 

The scheduled moderator of the panel is Maureen Fiedler, LS.  Her narrative reads, she  "is host and creator of Interfaith Voices.  She has been involved in interfaith activities for more than three decades as an active participant in coalitions working for social justice, racial and gender equality and peace." 

Jamie Manson, the fifth panelist, is a columnist for the National Catholic Reporter who received her Divinity degree from Yale University where she studied Catholic theology and sexual ethics.
I will make it a point to peruse each Reporter publications for her articles.  Their columnists do not have articles printed in all of the publications.   

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