Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Replacing Chicago's Cardinal George

Now that Chicago's Cardinal George's cancer has recurred, it is just a matter of time when his replacement will be announced.  Grapevine predictors have stated that a short list of candidates are being vetted.  Of course, church officials have been mum regarding speculations. 


Two speculated to be on the short list are Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Settle and Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory of Atlanta.  One "plus" regarding Archbishop Sartain is that he was formerly bishop of Joliet.  

There can be no legitimate comparison between Archbishop Sartain and Archbishop Gregory.  Archbishop Gregory's roots as those of Cardinal George are in Chicago, both being born in Chicago.  Archbishop Gregory was not only born in Chicago, was educated in Chicago and received his priestly preparation in Chicago.  

He attended Chicago's St. Carthage Elementary School, Quigley Preparatory Seminary and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary.  He later earned his doctorate of Sacred Liturgy at the Ponifical Liturgical Institute in Rome.  He served at vice-chair and later chair of the National Conference of Bishops and is noted to being a very effective leader as Archbishop of Atlanta.

During the vetting process, I understand that candidates are given the option of making a decision not to be considered for the position.  I question who would turn down such an offer.